A Wild Actual Blog Post Appears, ft. Nick Keaty

Well hi, poetry lovers of Spokane!

As we have been mentioning all over, Spokane is sending a team to Chicago this August to represent us at the National Poetry Slam!

This month we will be featuring work from all four poets (and perhaps their coach), starting this week! These poets are: Nick Keaty, Devin Devine, Katy Shedlock, and Misty Grace.

We will start off by teasing you with Nick’s bio, and you’ll be sure to read their poems this week!

Nick is a trans non-binary, introverted and people-loving human who also happens to be a poet in Spokane, WA. They have been writing poetry since before they can remember and started competing in 2017. Nick has since then have travelled, performed, and volunteered at local and national events. Their writing career, however, found most of its life after volunteering at Women of the World Poetry Slam 2018, where they fell in love with the art and felt drawn into life as a creator more than ever before. They are currently preparing to compete on Spokane Poetry Slam’s 2018 team at NPS in Chicago, IL. Nick is an undergraduate student who will graduate eventually but spends most of their time passionately talking about dogs, lavender, and how much they hate school. Most of their friends call them Dad™️. Nick’s work often deals with topics such as mental illness, queer issues, bad thrift stores, and pet fish.

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One response to “A Wild Actual Blog Post Appears, ft. Nick Keaty

  1. Would love to know the bio’s of the rest of Spokane’s Poetry representatives? I heard about Nick and he is a good.

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