The Ranking System

Spokane Poetry Slam will hold a Finals competition to crown a Spokane Grand Slam Champion and name a team of 4-5 poets to represent Spokane at a regional competition every year.  Finals will be held on the third Sunday in April, and the top seven poets from the previous 12 months of slams, as well as the winner of Last Chance Slam, will qualify.

Outlined below is the ranking system for poets to qualify to compete in Finals.

Poets will earn ranking points by finishing in the top three at monthly slams.  First place earns three (3) points, second place earns two (2) points, and third place earns one (1) point.  A running tally will be kept to keep track of how many points each poet accumulates over the course of the year.  The seven poets with the most points, as well as the Last Chance Slam winner, will compete in finals. The top four or five finishers (depending on the Regional competition rules of that given year) will have the right to represent Spokane at that year’s regional slam, held during the summer every year.

ATTENTION!  From what I understand, there was a NO REPEAT rule in effect during the previous incarnation of Spokane Poetry Slam.  That rule is NO LONGER IN EFFECT.  If you want to read the exact same poem in August that you read in July, go right ahead.  If you have revised, polished, or gotten better at performing a poem, why wouldn’t you do it again?  If you have a poem that gets a 30 every time, why would you do something else?  Keep performing that poem until someone beats you, if you want.  Heck, you can keep performing it after someone beats you.  

–Danielle Estelle Ramsay, Commissioner, Spokane Poetry Slam

Below is an example of how points can accumulate:

Hypothetical Results for May:

First place (3 points):  Walt

Second place (2 points):  Aldous

Third place (1 point):  Sylvia

Hypothetical Results for June:

First place (3 points):  Aldous

Second place (2 points):  Sylvia

Third place (1 point):  Pablo

The rankings after these two pretend months would be as follows:

Aldous 5

Sylvia 3

Walt  3

Pablo  1

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